Events Calendar
April–May 2018
April Schedule Poster
Cuff Country Schedule
Every Friday @ The Cuff
7:00–10:00 pm (Open dancing)
7:15–8:00 pm (Dance lessons)
Friday, April 27 — Facebook Event
Basic Waltz + Blue Ain’t Your Color review
Instructor: Terry / DJ: Terry
Friday, May 4 — Facebook Event TBD
Basic Two-Step + TBD line dance
Instructor: TBD / DJ: TBD
Friday, May 11 — Facebook Event TBD
Basic-Plus Two-Step + TBD review
Instructor: TBD / DJ: TBD
Friday, May 18 — Facebook Event TBD
Crazy Foot Mambo line dance
Instructor: TBD / DJ: TBD
Friday, May 25 — Facebook Event TBD
Basic Night Club + Crazy Foot Mambo review
Instructor: TBD / DJ: TBD

1st/3rd/5th Wed. @ The Cuff
7:00–9:30 pm (Line dancing)
7:45 pm (Dance lessons)
Wednesday, May 2 — Facebook Event
Lessons: Stitches + London review
Instructor: TBD / DJ: TBD
Wednesday, May 16 — Facebook Event TBD
Lessons: Back It Up + Stitches review
Instructor: TBD / DJ: TBD
Wednesday, May 16 — Facebook Event TBD
Lessons: 5th Wednesday reviews: Back It Up and other recent dances
Instructor: TBD / DJ: TBD

Board & Committee Meetings
All interested Rain Country members are welcome to attend these meetings.  For directions and details, email us.
Hoedown Committee: Tuesday, June 5
Host: TBD (TBD) @ 7:00 pm
Rain Country Board: Wednesday, May 9
Host: Jen (Shoreline) @ 7:00 pm — Facebook Event TBD
All members are invited to attend and contribute!

About Our Lessons and Dance Nights
  • Rain Country lessons at Cuff Country are always free.  Please tip the instructor — we suggest $3–5 on Wednesdays and Fridays, but no one is turned away for lack of funds.
  • No partner is required for our lessons.  We will find one for you, and we rotate partners frequently during the lessons to ensure that everyone gets to dance with a variety of people.  But if you bring your partner with you and don’t want to rotate, you’re not required to trade dance partners.
  • There is a cover charge at the Cuff Complex on Fridays after 9 pm, and on select special event nights.  Card-carrying Rain Country members get in free all night on regular Fridays.
  • Our DJs are happy to take requests; tipping them is much appreciated.  Requests are more easily honored if they are made earlier in the evening.
  • The best way to show appreciation for our host venue is to buy a beverage and tip the bartender.  Thanking the bar staff is also a great idea.