New Edition of the Rhythm Riders

Rhythm Riders Open CallThe Rain City Rhythm Riders are back!  We are prepping to perform and compete at the IAGLCWDC gay and lesbian line dance competition this year over Memorial Day weekend, and beyond!

Anyone interested is invited to join our open call intro nights, Sunday February 10, 17 and 24 at Velocity Dance Center (1621 12th Ave. @ Pike) from 7-9 pm.  Thursday night practices will be added, same time, starting in March.  Routines will encompass pop, country, and other music genres.

Potential Rhythm Riders should have some experience with line dance or other movement-based performing (dance, musicals, cheer, drag, etc.) and/or a good grounding in contemporary pop and country line dancing.  You do not need to prepare an audition piece ahead of time . None of this is absolute, so show up anyways!

Practice Schedule

The Rhythm Riders practice each Sunday and Thursday night from 7:00–9:00 pm, at Velocity Dance Center (1621 12th Ave. @ Pike).  Velocity has several dance studio rooms and practices sometimes switch between rooms.

We recognize that not everyone can commit to two evening practices a week.  Rhythm Riders practices and routines will be structured to accomodate those who can only make one night a week or might miss an occassional practice night.  (But the more you are able to attend, the more prominent a role you will be able to take on in our dance routines.)

More Information

For more information about the Rain City Rhythm Riders, including about joining the dance team or arranging for a performance, contact  Or contact Mike Harris, Jim Drew, or Hagan Ko in person or on Facebook