Ruby Slipper Award

Ruby Slippers sparkle — they symbolize the inner spark or passion that the recipient has for country-western dance and Rain Country Dance Association (RCDA) in particular.

This award is given to someone who freely gives of their time and talents to support and further the mission of Rain Country within or outside the organization.  The award is given as needed/deserved, no more than once a year — typically at the Emerald City Hoedown or the annual meeting — to celebrate someone who meets the criteria in any number of ways.  If there is no deserving candidate in any given year, the award is not given.  There is no mandate that the award must be given — even if there are nominations.  The committee reserves the right to give or withhold the award each year.

Examples of criteria:

  • The recipient exhibits a passion for dance
  • Gives service to RCDA consistently
  • Responded above and beyond the call of duty
  • Builds bridges with the community in support of the vision/mission of RCDA
  • Outstanding achievement in support of the vision/mission of RCDA
  • Inspires others to give and achieve

Rain Country’s VISION:

Our vision is to be the Northwest hub of a flourishing, self-sustaining, Country Western dance community serving GLBTQ people and friends.

Rain Country’s MISSION:

Rain Country Dance Association creates a friendly environment for GLBTQ people and friends to meet and dance in the Pacific Northwest.  We support this Country Western dance community by providing opportunities to dance, learn, and perform.

Past Recipients of the Ruby Slipper Award:

  • 2011 — Ruby Luke
  • 2013 — Jim Drew
  • 2014 — Ray Nutter
  • 2015 — Klint Kendrick
  • 2016 — Terry Felts
  • 2017 — Donna Horn
  • 2017 — Cuff Complex (special award for Rain Country’s 10th anniversary)
  • 2018 — Pete Winowitch
  • 2019 — Phil Flores