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Rain Country at The Cuff - July 2021
A line dance at Rain Country at The Cuff - July 2021
Rain Country at The Cuff - July 2021
Rain Country at The Cuff June 2019
Rain Country dancers at The Cuff after Emerald City Hoedown - May 2019
Rain Country dancers at June 2009 Pride Armory dance

The Rain Country Dance Association creates a safe and friendly environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+)  people and friends to meet and dance in the Pacific Northwest.  We support the Country Western dance community by providing opportunities to dance, learn, and perform.  We cater to the LGBTQ+ community of Seattle and Greater Puget Sound but are open to all.  We are a non-profit organization.  Members and event attendees are expected to adhere to our Code of Conduct.

We promote the teaching of country western, line, and related dance forms, providing venues for learning, practicing, and perfecting those skills.  We present the public performance of those dance forms, preserving the history and continuity of country-western and line dancing in our regional area.

We produce “Rain Country: Country Western & Line Dance” every Friday night at The Cuff Complex starting at 7pm, scheduling DJs and instructors and promoting special theme nights and fundraisers.  The organization also produces dance workshops throughout the year and a dance during Seattle Pride, among other events. 

Rain Country was founded in 2006 by a group of dancers, teachers, performers, and DJs who wanted to ensure the continuation of dancing and dance venues in the Puget Sound area via an organization which would allow community ownership of the local country-western dance scene.  Rain Country works with community businesses and venues to provide for the needs of the dance community without relying on those businesses to be the sole support system for the dance community.

In May 2019, Rain Country presented its 12th annual weekend-long event, the Emerald City Hoedown.  COVID-19 restrictions prevented the scheduled 2020 and 2021 events, but we expect to be back in March 2022.

Board of Directors  
Zac Baker President
Donna Horn Vice-President
Phil Flores Treasurer 
Richard Dominguez — Secretary
Ziadee Cambier Director
Jim Drew  Director + Programming
Ruby Luke  Director + Scheduling
Dirk Rapp  Director
Oystian Sinclair Director

Jim Drew — Couples and Line
Terry Felts — Couples and Line
Barb Buys — Couples and Line
Ruby Luke — Line
Dave Morrison — Line
Pete Winowitch — Line
Richard Dominguez — Line
Ain Milner — Line
Evamarie Gordon — Line


Jim Drew
Terry Felts
Keith Gehrig
Ray Nutter
Kate Bovitch

Typical dance schedule

We dance every Friday at The Cuff from 7-9:45pm with a free lesson from 7:15-8pm. Our typical lesson schedule is:

  • First Friday: Basic Two-Step and an easier line dance  
  • Second Friday: Basic-Plus (a step more advanced) Two-Step and review of the previous week's line dance
  • Third Friday: a higher level line dance or two 
  • Fourth Friday: a Basic lesson in Waltz, East Coast Swing, Night Club, or Shadow and a review of the previous week’s line dance
  • Fifth Friday (if applicable) a Basic-Plus lesson in the dance style taught the previous week before

First, third, and fifth Tuesdays at The Cuff (or alternate venue like All Pilgrims Church) lesson at 7:45pm, with line dancing 7–7:45pm and 8:15–9:30pm) feature a line dance lesson, usually with a new-to-Seattle dance roughly every third night of dancing and reteaches of other line dances on the other Tuesdays.

Rain Country instructors and DJs are volunteers. We encourage you to tip the instructors following the lessons and the DJ at any time during the evening dancing.

Code of Conduct:

We seek to ensure that all those interested in participating in our community feel safe and welcome. We expect our members and event attendees to respect one another, including on social media. No form of discrimination, bullying, or harassment will be tolerated. We treat any concerns regarding these issues seriously and will review any brought to our attention promptly. For any questions or complaints, please contact us at We invite all to support our community, to dance, and to have fun.


If you wish to have a picture of yourself removed from our site or social media channels, please contact us and we will edit or remove the image as soon as possible.

Rain Country Dance Association is an LGBTQ+ nonprofit social dance organization driven by our members. For more info, email:

Rain Country Dance Association
PMB 1155
East Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98122–3934

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