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Couples Dances

Because Rain Country enables community ownership of the country-western dance scene in Seattle and the greater Puget Sound area, we have one of the broadest sets of couples dances danced regularly anywhere in the country. We provide the instructors and the DJs, so we are not limited to only a narrow set of dance styles and songs.

At any given dance night, you can dance Two-Step*, West Coast Swing, Country Waltz**, Night Club***, Shadow, East Coast Swing, and sometimes Shuffle**** and Cha Cha.

*We dance “San Francisco-style" Two-Step (i.e., "slow slow quick-quick", turning on the "slow slow").

**The Country Waltz is a progressive dance, just like the Two-Step.

***We dance Night Club as "slow quick-quick" or "slow rock-step".

****Our Shuffle is what is sometimes known as Triple Two — triple triple walk walk.

Dance Floor Etiquette

These tips and tricks are useful for newcomers and seasoned Rain Country dancers alike.

  • Consent rules on the dance floor, too! If someone declines a dance invitation or makes an adjustment to where you are touching them, graciously accept it. 
  • For the safety of everyone, please no drinks or standing on the dance floor.
  • Direction of dance is counter-clockwise for dances which travel. Do not stop, back up, or dance against the flow.
  • Slower and newer dancers should use an inside lane, and faster or more experienced dancers should use an outside lane.
  • You'll notice people of all genders taking both the roles when partner dancing! Everyone is welcome to try leading or following during our lessons & dances. Want to ask someone to dance but don't know which they do? Just ask!
  • Country Western dances involve shuffling and spinning, so wearing smooth-soled (instead of grippy rubber) shoes can be helpful!
  • If swing or line dancers are on the floor during a progressive dance, they should stay to the center of the floor. Progressive couples dancers should not cut through the center of the dance floor.
  • West Coast Swing couples should choose slots in the center of the floor first and then the corners, leaving a lane for progressive couples dances. Only if there is no room elsewhere on the floor should slots block that dance lane. Similar expectations hold for Night Club, East Coast Swing, and Cha Cha couples.
  • Our DJs will usually announce dances like West Coast Swing, Night Club, East Coast Swing, Shuffle, and Cha Cha. When a dance is called, dancers of that style take priority. If there are enough dancers that a lane can not be left for Two-Step, Shadow, and so forth, then dancers of those other styles should leave the floor to the called dance couples.
  • Similarly, if a line dance is called, line dancers “own” the floor for that dance. When there is only a handful of line dancers on the floor, couples dancers may feel free to use an outside lane. (Remember that some line dances move a lot and even a small number of dancers may end up in an outside lane of the floor.)

Rain Country Dance Association is an LGBTQ+ nonprofit social dance organization driven by our members. For more info, email:

Rain Country Dance Association
1122 East Pike Street  PMB 1155
Seattle, WA 98122–3934

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